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About Lyndon

Lyndon Skibbe

I got my start at a repro house in 1995, setting up artwork for print and thus gaining a vast knowledge of the entire printing process and the importance of making the artwork technically correct for print.

In 1998 I moved to an advertising agency doing all their in-house DTP and photoshop work. My next significant step was in 2000 when I started working as a high-end photoshop retoucher with one of Cape Town’s leading retouchers, on accounts such as BP, Castrol, VW, Truworths, MWeb and Virgin amongst others.

In 2003 I went back to agency life as the Jupiter Drawing Room’s in-house photo retoucher, 8 months later I realised I had the skills and the courage to make a name for myself by going out on my own.

I started freelancing for various leading Cape Town agencies, building professional relationships that exist to this day.

In June 2006 I started Gleam Studio along with my business partner, Johnny Swanepoel.

Initially I continued with high-end retouching and finishing, but this led me to branch out and concentrate on my newfound passion: photography.

In 2008 I bought a Canon 450D (and a 5D Mk11 in 2010), started shooting and haven’t looked back. I knew from the first shot that looking through the lens was what I wanted to do.

My journey of learning and discovering continues, studying various techniques and realising that rules are just a guide and sometimes need to be broken.

From a very simple start (shooting products with a desk lamp) I now shoot various brands for a wide array of clients (and even use studio lighting).

I love shooting landscapes, waiting for that golden hour when light and surroundings work together as only nature can. This passion served me well in 2009 when I was commissioned to work in the Cederberg for a week shooting landscapes for a new range of Vital rooibos tea.

In May 2014 I worked in Ghana for 12 days on a massive shoot for Patterson Simons, an international equipment company based in the UK.

Being a petrolhead I love shooting cars. After various personal car projects, I was recently commissioned to shoot the new Hyundia Accent for a series of TV stings.

Today I work with various agencies and creatives shooting images and applying my vast knowledge of Photoshop to produce a final product I’m extremely proud of.

Every shoot I’m involved with starts with a vision, my idea of exactly how I want the finished product to look. It’s that drive for perfection that means I always do my own post-production to make sure the end result is what I envisioned when I started.

Importantly, I’m easy to work with, don’t rest till I’m happy with what I’ve done, & can tell you lots of stories about BMW’s and the Nurburgring.